The inner voice of children

Sad faces
wet cries
weep eyes
yelling all time

sirens call
can see you there alone waiting for sea
written in words
written in voices
lines unspoken

mother does not want  to be with them
children miss her
father does not want to care for them
children miss him

Nobody looks at children
because they do not have childhood
Anyone knows it
but truth is inside them

It is all we have
It is all we are

Mother´s love

I will love you mom.
Until the end of time.
I´ve been always loving you.
Forever and ever.
There is not love but your loving.
Even if you had a pain I would be there with you.
You made me.
You gave me love and care.
You still gave me shelter meanwhile I was in utero.
There are a lot of love in you.I need to tell you now.
Kisses and hughes cos I love you too much.

Thinkings and timing

I like things people are against cause they are unloved
chewing gums are on the streets for years
people who threw ´em away and forgot ´em alone
now that people can be dead

All that things are simple but its for that when get importance
I think time is passing all time
and nothing happens
travelling all time
in mind in real trips

In Belém jardim I met a woman

sunny day in Centro Cultural Belém Lisbon
walking and looking at art in the museum
surrealism dadaism and povera works
contemporary art
after that
meanwhile reading 
The Subterraneans a Jack Keruac´s book 
Mexican woman with a guitar talks to me
we feel connected in this awesome situation 
she tells me that she is for four months in Lisbon cos a lover she knew
but things aren´t so easy going
we talk about life
and how complicated love is sometimes
some of loving
she tells me about one friend of her
she tells me I remind him
calm person
she leaves me and goes with her guitar


Lying in bed
trying to sleep some
but i can´t
cos people make noises outside
they make u feel better when u´re connected
lying and pretending
laughing at people
they think u ´re being good
but u know that isn´t true
u´are alone rite now
i laugh at you when u say that
bed cloths
TV program
nothing else
still remains the same