Having fun with friends in summertime

To have fun time with friends is the best thing, sometimes
To be alone at home is the best too, sometimes

going to the beach
on the beach
pretending to swim
laughing at people
eating ice creams
staining clothes
my pants are dirty with chocolate
looking at people
good sights
young boy swimsuits 
feelings are great
good vibes
summertime sadness

warm times in summer

Lps and tapes

Body and thoughts
The Velvet Underground
Lou sings
Mindfully, peacefully, lovely
The Velvet Underground & Nico 
Lied down in bed
Sonic Youth hurts
Scary sounds of guitars
Sonic Youth
Pink Floyd albums
eternally, ethereally
Music unknown to many
Greatest songs ever made
Pink Floyd
Thinking of the most important things in life

Playing Beer Pong

Talking about dinner
taking train and to get off to follow visions of living
views from the train outside
rainy day is getting down
Dining a few people
about eight
strawberry jam cakes
peach and grape juice
beers and wine
playing “beer pong”
American people together
Chilean girl is nice
there are issues that speak

After hours we are three
drinking beers at Cotton Club pub in the city
US girl and boy are talking to me
English accent takes me down, touches me

Beds, cigarettes and flowers

I used to be with him at dinner
When people say nothing
Talking a lot without ending
Kisses on bed with empty bottles and vessels
Flying flowers around the room
Bodies falling meanwhile stars are shining
Sweet loving at night

Smoking cigarettes
drinking coke and vodka or beers
Naked bodies playing
second cum
another cock sucking
and once more again

Sometimes I feel so…

When I try to do good things, in a right way
I know that I won´t  do it well.
But sometimes do it well.
I am in Lisbon to do my training
My faults were big
But I am trying to find some way of living
When I know new people I try yo be fine with them
But sometimes it doesn´t happen
Why this is so?
How to do it right?
How to get it go?
Nobody knows it
Tomorrow will be another time…
Here is June 6, last view
No-one never knows when the next one
But finally, after all
Just a little kiss on the lips
Strange emotions
Sadly, gladly, unknown way of being