Anything is good to learn

Feeling alone in the big city
 lost and then found
 soul seems so special when alone
flowing with life
finished lines
so fastly
never knows where is
running cars 
life happens
travelling alone
All things must pass
 born to die
because everything is made
all circles are completed

Casual two girls at night

I was wanting to take the tube yesterday nitght
losing the last convoy
finding an Italian girl 
and going together to take the bus talking to
As there wasn´t any till twenty-two minutes
went to take a sidra and pintxos 
taking the bus and after thirty minutes
arrived to the place where three people going 
another one girl from the city joined us
cos she was alone 
walking the streets the night, long long time walking

Afternoon three Paramount Channel movies

Eating rice with clams with grandma
the dessert is a yoghurt
Starting to watch an Italian movie 
 Sofia Loren  role play is to be a mother with her daughter in a war

meanwhile taking bonbons
Then the film ends, another one stars
 “Rebel without cause” movie
After an hour or more spending time on it
it finished it  
watching “Polar Express” for all public seers

laughing a lot like children

making smiles in those moments 
when they needed
being happy for a while
giving peace
forgetting fears
living present time