Arriving home at 9.30h in the morning

My friend O. meets me at the hour and going to a Irish Pub to take breakfast  after a few hours waiting back home.
I start to feel ill maybe cause the cold winter and to spend time outside the airport in transit.
I have fever now in my room drinking infusion of thyme to keep out fever and that sense

Dusseldorf afternoon Karneval

Too much people on a train
Too much bizarre Kostume
Circa eine halbe stunde
I was feeling fine camera’s on
Typing on the phone
Photos and videos
Taking to remember all
Dreamers go on and off
Finders go in and out
There is no reason to know
Why is reality so that way?

Travelin’ on Taxi Cox from Weeze

… After the take off…  two hours meantime… going to Weeze airport, seated in my place… the plane was landing… and as it would be beautiful to remember it, i started to take pics from the air… met a german woman who came from Tenerife and she knew some spanish… a chilean boy who is living in Bilbao for six years and two basque boys too in the same van…
The woman… very kind she told us it’ s one of the most greater industrial areas in the country… And it has be it… I have always read it and seen in books round river Rhin there were a lot of factories untill now… yet now…
It was really interesting to meet them… for one hour and thirty we talked a lot and as it happened, each one follow his course.
As usual… when i travel i like too much to know people… to live those moments that make us feel too great… but i’ d like to be more than this time talking with some people known in this transit moments of living… cos it ends soon… or not?
Maybe space and time go together… I think is real… my only true point of view when i feel it.
Sometimes i felt a little sad… cause its very nice to meet someone who shares things and smiles within…  But after gone… althogh is much nice to live it than nothing…
I really love it. And when i go alone it happens…
It makes us better person… realized of everything in the same time or plane.
I mean all happens… everyone is here is for realized of something and to learn it well… often little by little… anothers fastly… after all could be coincidences but i like to think there is a different way and it’s not…